Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Margaret River Bakery - A hipsters paradise in the heart of Margs

Matt and I didn't intend on buying any food besides the odd winery or brewery meal as we wanted to save as much money as possible, especially with our trip to Bali in the coming weeks, and I sort of have a 2 month trip to America to fund shortly after that.  

BUUUUUT I couldn't resist The Margaret River Bakery. At first without even taking a glance at the funky decor and earthy vibes I was just bloody hungry and a sausage roll or meaty pie would have done the trick.  But as we got closer I noticed the vintage couches, the coloured tyres where dogs could be left with a water bowl in the shade, artistically painted walls and all around good vibes... I mean the place was packed to the brim which always means good things are about to take place on my taste buds! 

We managed to scam a spot around the corner, away from the hustle and bustle (seriously in any other case this may have been off putting, but i loved the look of the place and it didn't even phase me) on some vintage couches under a blossoming tree.  

It was a walk up and order kind of place, which gave it a casual vibe and the girls working behind the till and behind the scenes were cool, calm and polite - not showing an inch of stress which mean the customer service was great which I feel is sometimes very hard to find in Perth.

We ended up ordering; 

-Avocado and Goats Cheese Bruschetta 
-Canadian Style French Toast with copious amounts of bacon 
I couldn't resist a large piece of Caramel Slice (I have a problem) 

In all, the portion sizes were massive (we share  the meals and still couldn't finish either of our plates and that is saying something as we both aren't shy when it comes to food quantity), both meals were uber tasty and we walked out of the cafe ready for the days events with a satisfied bellies.  The only downfall I had with the food and this is just because I am a caramel slice snob - is the base of the slices as a little too crumbly, and the chocolate covering could have been either really runny like a ganache or crunchy chocolate.  It kind of toed the line of the two. 

I would recommend The Margaret River Bakery to anyone that is planning to enjoy a Southwest getaway.

Sorry for the photo quality - all I had was a trusty iphone.. Doh.

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 Tahnee xx


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  2. This looks so delicious!

    xx Cheyenne