Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hooning in Seminyak

(La Plancha)

(Jas Boutique Villa)

(The Coffee Library)

(Motel Mexicola)

(Potato Head) 


(La Plancha)

My America trip was coming up quicker than expected. So Matt and I decided we needed a trip away before I left for my trip to America for two months.  Our flights weren't the cheapest (usually you can snag a $150 flight return from Perth), but in comparison to a trip away south or the east coast it was probably about on par or even cheaper in the long run (Plus I was hanging for a cocktail or two and some fine dining on a budget - can anyone say Potato head or Ku De Ta?) 

We arrived in Bali at around 9pm and got a taxi straight away.  I always forget how flash the new airport is in Denpasar, that so much different of the dingey feel and soldiers with machine guns that used to roam the airport when I first came to this beautiful place. 

We stayed at Jas Boutique Villas (Matt was adamant that he wanted his own private pool and space). It was 30 seconds off the main strip in Seminyak and was also a part I had never stayed in before which made me excited to explore new horizons and stumble across new things.  Matt being a confident scooter rat, put his hand up for captain and we hooned around Seminyak pissing ourselves laughing and racing the Balinese at each of the lights.  It was all fun and games until one day we got totally and utterly lost and couldn't seem to work out how to get home.  Ever get that feeling that you've seen the same statue about 20 times a day, but you don't remember what part of the day you saw it? That was us on the regular and although getting lost in Bali was all part of the adventure and building of our relationship, it was by no means good for the stress levels or the soul. (Ha!). We finally made it home, and it was then I realised that Matt had a good thought going, and having our own private pool that we could swim in at anytime really did make sense. Bintang's and a Pool it was. 


-Mexicola Motel - Mexican food extravaganza, Cocktails, funky venue, good vibes
-La Plancha - bean bags on the beach, AH-MA-ZING ribs (seriously get the ribs), cocktails, good tunes (the DJ plays all old school house and rnb - he talks my language) + home made shisha (BAGUS)
-Potato Head Beach Club - where the beautiful people hang (how we got in I don't know hah). Lounging on day beds (get there at around 10.45 - 11am to miss disappointment) and getting some pretty tip top service, yummy cocktails and a swim up bar and infinity pool. Nice!!
-Frankenstein's Cabaret Bar - actors dressed up as Ghouls, song and dance from the likes of MJ, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Beetlejuice. Drink concoctions from test tubes, IV drip bagsa and shots in syringes, and of course the chance to look like a ghoul yourself for around $8 Australian. (I had a really big laugh with this one).
-Scootering the streets of Seminyak - for those who are brave, try it. And of course be safe!

Things you will need to get used to

-'Bali time isn't always on time' - organised a day trip with a driver? Make sure you book it for at least half hour before you think you would usually need it.  They will always turn up because any business is good business, but sometimes they are a little laid back when it comes to time constraints. 
-Extra prices - especially when it come to a driver, and sometimes there is only so much bartering you can do which is very except able.  It sometimes gets to the point where you are arguing over a measly $2. Watch some of the restaurants; there may be service taxes and the porters at the airport who offer to take you luggage to the taxi. 
-The constant sound of Scooters and car horns - apparently in jam packed traffic it is acceptable to be horn happy especially when they are obviously not moving anytime soon. 
-Being a millionaire - yes that sounds amazing, but rupiah has a far amount of zeros and sometimes it can get pretty confusing paying your bill with 100 000 instead of 1 000 000. It sounds silly but it definitely happens. Or you are in a taxi and the meter says '42000' and you freak out its expemsive when really it's around $4 and you've just had an argument that they have over changed (hah). 

I love Bali, and I will keep going back and exploring new parts.  I am planning on paying Gili T a visit on our next trip and then taking a new direction to Nusa Dua and Sanur in the future. 

Selemat Datang!! 

Tahnee xx

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