Thursday, July 9, 2015

Route 66 road trip to Vegas

I had been to Vegas once before years ago, but had never taken the scenic route - but man there is so much to see and do along the way.  Literally the morning we were leaving I scouted the internet for awesome things to see and do along the famous Route 66. 
Vegas is about 4 hours away from LA depending which area you are leaving from, and depending if you want to obey the speed limit. Safe driving of course. Route 66 extends from Santa Monica to Chicago and considering we were travel the west and east coast over the course of 2 months, it must be quite the trek.  The drive is pretty fascinating with different highway after highway (by the way, we didn't have a GPS at this time so we relied solely on directions written on a piece of paper), various scenic planes and kooky things to see.  

-When you first enter Route 66 there is a strip of old school antique shops that are cluttered with household goods, picture frames, Teddy's, cabinets, cowboy boots and pretty much any other junk the antique scholars can find. You could get lost in here for days and find some really reasonably priced gems. 

-As you continue down this road for a couple of miles you will come to a bizarre but beatiful landscape.  It actually leaves you a little breathless. It is called the Bottle Ranch created by Elmer Long and his father. As you explore the plains you will come across two acres of man made art.  Stacks and stacks and stacks of bottles on display as seen in the photos. As we explore there is an eerie feel to the place. The squeak of the turn wheel, the shell of the 1930's car, bull skeletons on top of the bottle totem pole.  

-By this time we were getting pretty bloody hungry. And luckily on the side of the road we saw signs that were pretty much summoning us to come and visit -  Peggy Sue's 50's Diner. Diner's are the thing in America and I can't say that I can complain about that. Peggy Sues Diner was super cute. The exterior was a massive duke box that from the get go had my attention.  As you walk through the door you are greeted with all things 50's scattered on the walls and a war, smile from a waitress dressed in 50's get up (hat and apron and all). I ordered the homemade chilli and Ebony ordered a ham steak with pineapple, peas and curly fries (got to love those curly fries, they always taste better for some reason?) and we had fried pickles to share. SO ADDICTED TO PICKLES. 

-the last stop before we hit Vegas baby (you have to add that every time you say Vegas (baby) right?) we kind of stumbled upon Calico Ghost town. We were let in for free as we arrived an hour before it closed so we missed out on the shows (Wah) but it did have some funky jewellery shops and I bought a dream catcher, made by a Native American tribe, or so they claim. 

If I ever hit vegas again, this route is a must. That or flying.... Mayyyybe I should fly. 



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