Thursday, April 23, 2015


(N2 extreme gelato) 

I have been to Sydney before numerous times for previous athletics comps (in my youth... Because I'm so old right now ha ha) and a semi modelling gig I snagged with triumph undies where I had to walk Pitt street in my grundys for a campaign.... But never just to relax and enjoy what Sydney has to offer. We flew from Perth to Sydney on a red eye with jetstar.  And after a bit of an emotional goodbye to my man we were off for the first part of our adventure... Words to describe the flight? Uncomfortable. No leg space for lanky lasses. And a big old zero on getting any sleep. Shit. 

We were only there for a night and a day, so we thought we might as well utilise the time while we could. After a quick nap at our shitty hotel in the city centre (an old, dodgy Irish pub that smelt like ashtray and the room contained a queen bed... And that was literally about it) we got our map and decided to explore. 

The photos are a bit out of order, and I didn't seem to get a shot of the Opera House or Sydney Harbour Bridge... How untouristy of me. I did however, do the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb and get a token Bondi street art shot to make up for it. 


-The Harbour is a pretty spectacular place, it is a tourists heaven - restaurants and bars overlooking the Bridge and Opera House, chocolatiers, ice creameries, places to book tours, botanical gardens, nice grassy areas to settle your tired feet annnnnd we were pretty lucky to see the Queen Elizabeth Cruise ship set sail for it's next destination (that thing is massive)
-The bridge climb, although pretty expensive was worth it. It's nice to learn about the foundations of such an Australian icon and the views were amazing.  
-Bondi - laid back, health conscious and beautiful.  I'm glad we trekked it out to Bondi on our last day. Even though it is full of tourists and hundreds of people, I think Bondi upholds it's renown charm and great vibes.  We had a delicious acai bowl a few streets back at 'Bondi Wholefoods' which is probably the birthplace of my Acai bowl obsession that has taken me through numerous Acai bowls since and I think I love the 'health kick, let's get fit' vibe of the city - everyone is either walking, running, biking or swimming, nice! 
-Chinatown - who doesn't love Chinatown in any country! Yum. 


- Maybe it's because I come from a backward land called Perth, but man Sydney is one spread out city, and we found it difficult to work it all out with such little time.  We went to get on a bus, uh oh sorry we don't take cash you'll have to go find a place that sells bus tickets. We went to find a bite to eat in Chinatown that has been suggested to us - uh oh... There is several hundred restaurants with the exact same name.  We wanted a bottle-oh for our BYO when we finally found the said restaurant - uh oh.... There's not a bottle shop in site and no one could tell us where one was. Tiny things... Big problems. Cranky girls. 
- N2 Extreme Gelato - I've seen a big hype on Instagram about this place and to be honest I was pretty excited to try it. We tracked one down just outside of Chinatown, and we could tell it was it with a massive line out the door. I started salivating. The interior is pretty cool - set up like one big crazy experimental scene from Frankenstein's movie and everyone that works there wears lab coats and glasses (nice touch). I got the bounty flavoured with a vanilla chocolate ganache syringe and coconut sprinkles. Look to be honest it really didn't meet my expectations.... It was slightly tasteless and I was expecting a lot more of a explosion in my mouth.  Visually the ice cream was really cool, but pick up your game N2. 

I'll be back Sydney... That was just a taster. 

Tahnee xx

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